Vessel Reading

Vessel Reading

Item# vessel-reading
Do you need help connecting to your spirits or entities?

Vessel readings are a great way to learn more about your spirits and entities. You can find out what they look like, their behaviors, likes and dislikes and so much more. I share all of the information with you that they give me.

Not all readings will be the same. Some will have a long personal message and others have little to nothing to say. These readings are as individualized as these beings are.

Please send me a photo of their vessel that has been taken by you, not the seller. If they are body bound, please send a picture of yourself (no older than 7 days) with your face and eyes clearly visible to messenger through my Facebook Profile, to messenger through my Enchanted Enlightenment Facebook Page, or to my e-mail

What else I need for this reading…..The being’s name, sex and type of being. If you are willing to share the seller’s name, I’d appreciate that. It helps to learn about the different sellers in the community.
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