Soulline Reading

Soulline Reading

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Do you want to know what beings you have been in your past lives ?

A soulline reading shows some of the beings and energy that you were throughout existence. For example, you may have a strong connection to vampires and find out that you truly were a vampire. You could be from another galaxy, different realms, human lives, etc. It's kind of like a past life reading but of your soul's existence, not of just your human existence (though some are mentioned usually). I don't go into full detail like I do with a past life reading, but I will tell you everything I pick up (I try for about 20 existences).

You may be connected to dark and light energy and you may have mainly an existence on the other side. This reading will help you understand some of your connections that you already notice and show you ones that you never knew existed.

This is a one of a kind reading!! This is also an e-mail reading, unless done with a live reading purchase.

Please send me a photo (no older than 7 days) with your face and eyes clearly visible to messenger through my Facebook Profile, to messenger through my Enchanted Enlightenment Facebook Page, or to my e-mail

For Parents who request a reading of your under age child, please send their age along with the other information.
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