Past Life Connection Reading

Past Life Connection Reading

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This is a reading for a single past life reading along with a 6 card tarot reading to assist you with understanding how this life and your past life connect to each other.

This reading can help you understand possible past life karma - possible connections of people in your life and how certain changes may be an advantage or disadvantage - and more.

Past lives can tell you a lot about what is currently going on in your life. There can be issues from past lives that you are still dealing with and there can be fears you have that come from different lives. Some of these lives are just fun information too!

I will give you the past lives that I connect to in the order that I connect to them. They do not come to me in chronological order. They come to me in the order of the information that can be of most value to you at this time in your life.

The information that I normally receive is the year, country, name(s) if they come to me and what you are doing and experiencing at that specific time I connect to. I also usually have the approximate age and cause of your death in that lifetime.

These have been very beneficial for many of my clients in dealing with some of their past life karma and understanding certain things that are going on in their lives. This can include (but is not limited to) phobias and repeated lessons throughout many past lives.

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