Bloodline Reading

Bloodline Reading

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Many people ask for a bloodline reading, but mean something else. A bloodline reading is the blood you now have in your veins. Your ancestors pass abilities on to you or may show a valuable bit of information that you need to know to enhance your current life. I use this reading to tell you your strengths in THIS life, including but not limited to psychic abilities.

For this reading I will need the first and last names(maiden name for women) of your parents, maternal grandparents, and paternal grandparents. Please be sure to list who is who.

If you are adopted, then let me know and when you were adopted and if you know anything about your birth family.

This is also an e-mail reading, unless done with a live reading purchase.

Please send me your information and a photo (no older than 7 days) with your face and eyes clearly visible to messenger through my Facebook Profile, to messenger through my Enchanted Enlightenment Facebook Page, or to my e-mail

For Parents who request a reading of your under age child, please send their age along with the other information.
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